Game of Cells cellular automata for humans

In 2016 I became really interested in Cellular Automata. The idea of complexity arising out of simplicity as a result of deterministic rules appears to be a fundamental component of nature. Cellular Automata give us a visual way to study and experiment with this idea.

I decided to search the web for a Cellular Automata simulator and most of the ones I found were decades old. This led me to create my own version of a Cellular Automata simulator. A simple version that would appeal to a 21st century audience. If you have feedback, feel free to shoot me an email or find me on twitter @ggreiner

How to use

You can interact directly with the simulation by clicking a cell to toggle its state, as well as clicking and dragging to create new cells. If you have a Leap Motion device, you can also use hand gestures to control the simulation.
The simulation uses color to give the automata an aesthetic feel.
You can save your simulation in two different ways.


If you want to dive deeper on Cellular Automata, you may find these resources useful:


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